September 02, 2005

The Week is Finally Over

Yesterday I wanted to stay home and breathe a little easier. I ended up getting a call in the morning and going to an unexpected meeting. At the mandatory orientation I went to on Tuesday, I found out about a training program that I could attend for free and get lots of support in my career transition (aptitude tests, personality tests, career exploration). I can even learn some new computer skills (PowerPoint and Excel). I know a bit about Excel, but I have just scratched the surface. I will get more help with my resume as well as interview and job search skills. I could probably do OK without it, but I find the support encouraging and helpful. I hope to discover some new career ideas, or at least confirm that I am going in the right direction. It is a seven week program with classes all day (8:30 AM -5:00 PM) from Monday through Thursday. Yesterday I had to go to the site to register. It isn’t far from my house, so that is very convenient. I took the bus, which means I walked a lot yesterday. Can I count that as a workout?

Today I stayed home all day. Mom and Dad went away for the long weekend, so I have the whole house to myself. I enjoy the peace and quiet of a day alone. I have puttered around, getting some housework and organizing done- all at my own pace. This morning I watched CNN for a long time, which allowed me to witness the arrival of the first caravan of food, water and supplies arrive at the Superdome. That is the first hopeful thing I’ve seen in days. I don’t even have words for the things I’ve heard and read. The Interdictor is blogging a chronicle of the chaos as he is fighting to survive and help others do the same in New Orleans.

Tonight my brother-in-law and I may go out to eat and see a movie (The Constant Gardener). It depends on how tired he is after work. They have been offering extra hours and he has been working very hard. If we stay home I’ll grill hamburgers. We have pepper jack slices and barbeque sauce.

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