August 31, 2005

Running on the Treadmill

That is what I feel like I'm doing now as I try to relax at the end of a long, tiring week. But it's only Wednesday night, almost Thursday morning. Ahhh! Not sure if I've really accomplished all that much either. The wrenching stories of Katrina's destruction and the plight of the people who were in her path are so tragic. I'll never forget the short spot that I saw of a news reporter trying to interview one of the refugees who was wandering around. He recounted how his family was on top of the roof and their house had split in half. He had tried to hold on to his wife, who had fallen into the water. He couldn't. She told him to take care of their children and grandchildren just before she was lost in the flood waters. He had no idea if she had managed to survive or where she might be. If I had a job, I would donate money. What can I do but pray? I haven't done that, either, because I've been maddly working on getting that application in for the copywriting job and finishing the writing sample to go with it. I faxed it tonight shortly before 10:00 PM. I had a mandatory class all morning at WorkSource. This afternoon I edited it and proofread it over and over, but I found a questionable capitalization and a missing comma after I was scanning the copy that I faxed. Hopefully they won't notice. I made the corrections to the file on the computer. At least I'll be ready with a good sample for the next copywriting job that I find. I also did some editing of yesterday's post because the sentences were choppy and I found some errors. I tried to rush it yesterday because I was excited and wanted to get it posted. I was also more focused on getting all of the links in. My mind has been racing like this all day and doesn't seem to be slowing down. I was in such a zone last night that I totally forgot that I was supposed to go to worship team practice. I am scheduled to sing this Sunday. It would be easier if I had to go to the practice every week, but when it's every-other week (or depending on whatever Sundays you are scheduled for) I don't get into a routine. I'm in my room with the light low and the radio turned to one of my favorite stations, Classical King FM, 98.1, hoping that I'll start to relax. I haven't had more caffeine than usual, but it almost feels like it.

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