November 19, 2004


Today I spent all my money until my paycheck, which will come next week. Well, I have $5.00. I got my pictures from Oregon developed. I bought pants and 2 sweaters for work. I bought shampoo, a big value size bottle from the beauty supply store. I put some of the new photos in the photo album already. Two of them were so good I decided to put them in the e-cards. Mom likes the red sweater with a pretty neckline that I bought so much that she may go back and get herself one later with the Real Woman coupons that I gave her. I can’t use them now because I get an employee discount. I am glad that I can give them to her and I hope that she uses them to get herself some nice, new clothes. She needs them. I got my schedule for next week while I was in the store. All my hours are on the weekend. Sorry to bore you with the shopping talk. I just get excited about it. Tomorrow I work 4 hours. It should be a busy, exciting shift.

Hope you enjoy the photos. I'm putting some of them up in this journal. Two of them are not even in the photo album. You get rewarded with exclusive pictures just for reading this. We all got bargains today.

Another Friday. The weeks just fly by.

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