November 18, 2004

203 words

Another average day. I didn’t do much. I want to write anyway. Just nothing much that I want to write about. Writer’s block sucks. Just keep writing and then something will start to click. But it’s not. Jack London used to write 1000 words every day. There is a project that I found on the Internet called 100 Words. You write 100 words exactly, no more, no less. Every day for a whole month and at the end of the month they publish everyone’s collection. I want to show myself but I also hide. Certain things I don’t want to reveal. But I want to be honest. I think I am honest in the essential things that I write in this journal. I am not perfect in any way and I don’t think I present a false "goody goody" face. But I also don’t want to dwell on bad, negative things in myself and this world. There are so many things- like last night on the news they arrested a woman who had starved her children to death. OK, now I have to share something about myself- I might be addicted to TV and I can have a short temper. At the end of that sentence was 203 words.

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