November 20, 2004

Apple Cup Victory

It was busy and very stressful. I made mistakes at the register, I got bogged down trying to keep up with the clothes that needed to be hung/folded and put back. I was slow because I had a hard time knowing where everything went. Some known shoplifters came into the store and we were very busy at the time. Things are not going to get easier as the holiday season ramps into top gear. I will improve, though. This was just my second selling shift. The hardest thing is remembering everything under the pressure of impatient customers and multitasking.

This may cure me of shopping, however. That would not be a bad thing. In fact, it could be great!

What other paying job can I look for that I could get quickly?

I came home and had warm, delicious spaghetti and red wine for dinner. Comfort food, oh yeah! I am tired, really tired.

Dad was at the Apple Cup today. Go Cougs!! As I said a while ago, almost all of my family that has been to college went to WSU, starting with my grandparents. I was a little rebel, I went to WWU in Bellingham because they had a good music program and a good education department. (Really, it wasn’t a big deal. There was no pressure my family about where I went to college.) I don’t like sports, but I always root for the Cougars. We haven’t beaten the Huskies in the Apple Cup for 6 years! I’m so glad that Dad went to the game in Pullman today. It was a real nailbiter. There were about 5 minutes left when I got home from work. It came right down to the wire because the Huskies had a big rally in the second half. We taped the game so Dad can watch it again, along with the post-game show. At the end of the post-game show they showed the funniest little animated featurette with a song to the tune of "This Land is Your Land". You have to know the schools to get the humor. WSU started as a land-grant agricultural college. They are stereotyped as the country bumpkins. UW is in Seattle and they are stereotyped as snobby, urban, rich brats. The song was just an exchange of taunts between the schools, highlighting the stereotypes and bringing up recent scandals on each side. Thing like "We study law, you study methane (animated cow farts on the screen)". I have to say, though, the UW has many more scandals around its athletics than WSU does. Yes, I’m an honorary Cougar. I stick up for them. Congratulations to the whole Cougar football team. Well done! Especially the freshmen, 2nd string quarterback who helped lead the team to victory today.

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