September 17, 2005

Pretty Fingers...

typing on the keyboard. Buffed, shiny nails and moisturized cuticles. Yes, I gave myself a manicure with a new buffing system (a rectangular buffing block, cuticle oil, scented hand lotion, and a nail file) that I got on special at the mall. It was probably not as amazing a deal as the saleswoman told me, but I’m pleased nonetheless. I can see my reflection in the super-gloss shine. It’s all a part of dressing for success, right? I also got a set for Mom as a birthday gift. I think she’ll really like it. She has the best nails in the family because they are strong and grow very nicely. People ask her if they are real or acrylic. She doesn’t have the patience to paint them regularly and doesn’t like the fact that polish chips after several days. This is an easy to maintain and impossible to ruin option. No waiting for polish to dry or getting sheet imprints if all the layers of varnish (base coat, color, and protective top coat) haven’t dried well enough before you go to sleep. I also won’t be saying any of these phrases, “Can you pick that up for me, I just did my nails?” or, “Arghh, I just ruined my nail!”

I haven’t had the patience for all that for the last couple of years, so I haven’t done anything with them for a while. I have in the past spent lots of time and money on polish to do my own manicures. Other times I have been a regular manicure patron. My favorite manicurist ever was a man at a salon in Korea who gave the best hand massages. One special memory is when my sister and I gave each other pedicures on the night before her wedding. What color did we use? OPI’s “I’m Not Really A Waitress”, a really vivid red with a bit of shimmer. Light bulb flash! I need to get a job writing names for OPI’s colors! I think I just solved my career dilemma! They have the most fun naming their colors. I wonder if they really do have that as a full-time job. Maybe it is just one project that their copywriters do. I would still sign up.  

I thought that I would never get the list of things done that I had to do today. I’ve made big progress on everything, though. Several things needed to be gathered and prepared for Sunday school in the morning. Yes, I’m volunteering this year. I haven’t done Sunday school for a long time, but the week of Vacation Bible School was a lot of fun. I have a teaching partner, which is good because I don’t want to do it alone. It is less work and more fun to have another adult in the room. It is also required for safety reasons.

Yesterday I went to the job fair at the local mall, which was announced in my class last week. I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice interviewing and networking. I spent the morning printing out copies of resumes, reference contacts, and even some writing samples.  It’s best to be prepared because you never know what businesses and schools might be there. It was a bustling event, with a whopping 4 companies participating. There was an insurance company, a toy store, a direct sales (at home parties) company, and one more that I forgot because it was so completely uninteresting. The best part of the 10 minutes that I lingered there was getting a free hand massage with mango lotion at the direct sales table. They sell home spa and skin care products. That mango lotion was luscious, reminding me of the mango body butter that I had several years ago from the Body Shoppe.  I got a catalogue so that when I have a job and money I can place orders when I want to. It was a very fruitful afternoon.  


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thank you for sharing your moments with us.

Shane said...

You should've took a picture of your manicure for the blog.