December 04, 2004


Don’t know why, perhaps because I’m waiting to see what news comes on Monday and I haven’t been able to make contact with the person from the other community college, I’ve been in a little bit of a funk. I meant to get the thank you card for the Wednesday interview out right away. I didn’t do it until this morning. I thought about sending an e-mail card, since he said that e-mail is the best way to contact him and it would be really fast. But that seemed really cheesy, so I didn’t. But why on earth did it take me so long to get that card out. It’s too late, but he’ll get it eventually. I’m glad for that. It’s polite.

I also did something really silly. I went to eHarmony and started another profile. I haven’t joined and I still might not. For one thing, I don’t have the money and I’m not sure what my next job will be yet. I just wanted to. I checked the site to see if there was another question and answer in the advice section. It hasn’t been updated in a couple of months. They don’t update that section regularly. I like to read it, though. I got 5 matches when I ran the search engine. Within 15 minutes, one of them had already put me on hold. 3 of them closed on me by this morning. One left. A super athletic military man. I don’t want to continue to be nomadic, moving all over the place. The whole reason I came home again was so I could settle in, put down real roots and stay. I am beginning to remember why I felt like I couldn’t continue and closed my account. No, this was better. Most of the time I would send a message to try and start communication and they would ignore me, not even bothering to close and give any reason. You can choose a reason that the person can read when you close. Things like "I am pursuing another relationship.", "I am not ready to take the next step", "there is too much going on in my life right now". But most of them would just ignore me and I’d wait a certain amount of time and then I’d close and give the reason, "this match never responded to my request to communicate". I found that very rude. At least have the courage to close the match when you know you are not interested. It’s shows respect. We all deserve it. I just closed my match with the soldier. I can’t communicate with anyone unless I really become a member, anyway. Maybe I’ll have it take me out of the search pool (they will do one automatic search for you every day) until I really decide whether to join or to close my account again.

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