December 01, 2004

A Plethora of Possibilities!

Today was the community college interview. Lots of other things have been happening, too. While I was at work yesterday morning another community college called and wanted me to make an interview appointment. I was stunned. I have tried to return the call, but have only been able to get voice mail. I left a message yesterday and have tried to call today. After I came home today and finished lunch, a woman at my church called me about a community organization that she teaches for. They are looking for a part-time teacher. OK, God, I guess you must be doing something. I’m totally amazed at the embarrassment of riches. Well, OK, possible riches. But this has just not been the way things have gone at all in my job search since September '03.

The interview went fairly well, although I was a bit of a nervous wreck before I left the house. I called a good friend and we prayed together over the phone. That made all the difference. I was finally ready to go. Two people interviewed me together. They were friendly and pleasant which was helpful. One question stumped me, and I should have an answer prepared for it. "What do you most need to improve on in your teaching?" I haven’t been in the classroom in almost a year, so I haven’t been exercising those skills or reflecting on any recent experiences. I just couldn’t think of an answer. I was silent and thinking for 30 seconds or so, which felt like 10 minutes. The other questions went much better. I have given up trying to guess what the result will be. Past experience has shown that it can go either way no matter how I feel it went. I’m leaving it in God’s hands and not agonizing and analyzing. They said that they want to have the final decision on Monday, so it shouldn’t drag on.

Back to my present job, the floor set was busy but it wasn’t hard. They gave the new people simple jobs. I folded polo shirts for about 3 hours. Well, I did hang a few shirts that had been previously folded. That was only about 10 shirts, though. The rest of the time I folded, and folded and folded. I’m really glad I didn’t have to stay till midnight; that’s how long most everyone was staying. I told them that I couldn’t stay that late because I had a job interview today and I had to be alert and well prepared. I finished at 9:40 PM and was asleep by midnight.

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