November 07, 2004

Stormy Weather Arts Festival

I opened this blogger account so that I wouldn't run out of space at my free website. I don't want to have to update to a paid account until I have a better, more dependable job. So far, everything I have done for my website has been free. I am really grateful to and Bravenet. If you have just stumbled onto this journal, then please visit my homepage. I started this journal on this page. There is about a month of entries there. It's always good to start at the beginning.

I just came back from the Oregon coast. We had a great time at the Stormy Weather Arts Festival. Tom May, a folk singer, was the highlight of the day. There are a lot of art galleries there. One of them that I looked at had some great pictures. One of them I thought was really fun. It was a couple in evening formal dress doing the tango on the beach with a maid holding an umbrella and a butler standing by. It seemed to create a story in your mind. I also enjoyed listening to live music in Bella Espresso. The coffee shop is painted in deep, warm colors with murals of Italian style paintings. Even the bathroom is beautifully painted. There are books and board games laying around, inviting you to relax and enjoy yourself.

When I came home, my Brighton ring was waiting for me in the mail. I am really happy with it and am wearing it now. It's antique looking and chunky, a bold statement.

I read a lot of the book Shadow Divers this weekend. It is really great. Inspiring really, how the divers face their fears and test themselves by diving in extremely dangerous conditions. One of the men in the story is a legendary wreck diver who has fallen into alcoholism and hard-times. He can't dive anymore, but he owns the charter and organized the divers to investigate the wrecked sub. He said that this is the kind of thing that could get him to quit drinking and get himself together so that he could dive see it for himself. I hope by the end of the book that he does get well enough to dive again and learn that he can turn his life around.

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