November 12, 2004

Friday Night: fashion and the state of the world

I love Friday night. The beginning of the weekend always feels like a holiday. Of course, now I'm working weekends. Tomorrow is my first selling shift. I'm excited and a little nervous. We do have to compete for sales and hours, after all. But I think that when I'm settled in this could be a really fun job. I like helping the customers find stuff and when they are happy with a new outfit.

I'm watching the second episode this evening of What Not to Wear. I love that show. It is fun and I learn good principles that I think about while I'm choosing clothes. Now I can use that to help the customers at work. The best thing is to see how the person changes the way that they look at and feel about themselves. Often, they just haven't taken the time or haven't changed their self-image even though they have grown in other ways, like career or family. They learn to match their appearance and the image they project with their inner-self and their real life. Some of the people find new levels of confidence and can imagine goals and ambitions that they couldn't before. Clinton and Stacy are so fun, too. They are brutally honest but with a great sense of humor. They make it more fun to watch and hopefully less painful for the person who is being transformed.

Mom and I were glued to the Peterson verdict this afternoon. I haven't been following the trial, but when we heard that the verdict was going to be announced at 1:00 today, we started watching. I was a little surprised that they convicted, given that there was a lack of direct physical evidence. But the circumstantial evidence was overwhelming and seemed to convince the jury. From what I've heard in the evening news and passing Court TV when I'm channel surfing, I believe that he did it. I didn't feel like jumping up and down and celebrating, though, like some people in the crowd of spectators outside the courthouse. It's such a terrible and sad story. I feel bad for Scott Peterson's family, especially his mother who I learned today is in ill health. His father couldn't even bring himself to come to the courthouse today. Laci's family is also suffering terribly. And what about little Connor who never even got the chance to experience life outside of his mother. He never got to see the sun or breathe fresh air. The shocking thing, however, was that through the whole thing Scott never showed any emotion. That's how everyone who saw the proceedings described him. All the lies he told. He apparently wished that he were single again and didn't want to be saddled with a family. He didn't want to be a father. He thought that he could just get rid of them and be free. Hopefully he won't be free ever again. He will probably appeal the verdict, and he has the right to. I pray that everything was done cleanly and appropriately so that none of his appeals are successful.

Then in the little running news breaks across the bottom of the screen we saw a story about a 6 year old boy who was stunned with an electric taser by police in the Principal's office of his elementary school. He had a piece of broken glass and was cutting himself. We saw the story on the evening news tonight, too. Unbelievable. This world is so crazy sometimes, I just don't have the words. And then some people say that Christians are weak and silly for believing in God and saying that we need God. How can you look at this world and say that we don't need God? Are we doing such a great job of taking care of ourselves and this world? Are we really good at loving each other? Are we really advancing into a great, enlightened species? In large and small ways, I think the evidence is abundantly clear.

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