October 08, 2006

Quick Update

Having some computer problems, so my drive is getting reformatted and I'll have to reinstall everything. My brother-in-law, a talented computer tech, will do the reformatting for me. He just started a new job as a network administrator so we are having a family celebration dinner tonight for him. They have moved to Bellevue now to be close to their jobs. The business cards that I ordered for networking arrived yesterday. VistaPrint did a great job and I got to personalize them with the same red tulip photo that I am using now on this blog for my profile. That was taken this April when I went up to Mt Vernon for the tulip festival. I got lots of wonderful pictures at Roozengaarde, a tulip farm. Just making this quick because the computer will be down for a while. Things are very busy. Going to go in to work tomorrow, my usual day off, and to put in some overtime. They are asking all of us to do some and I can use a little extra money. Holiday season is approaching. I had a pumpkin pie latte and a pumpkin muffin this morning for breakfast at a favorite local coffee shop. Those are some seasonal favorites.

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