October 04, 2005

To Do Lists Rule My Life

To Do:

* Finish and send e-mails to long neglected friends

* Plan Sunday school Music: 12-20 core songs

* Work on Educational Counselor application for a local community college

* Make networking phone calls

* Homework:
      Master Application – due October 10
      News Article – due October 11

* Order new checks from bank

* Deposit unemployment check

* Order business cards (or decide to make them) (http://www.vistaprint.com/)

* Practice a few songs on guitar for our graduation celebration

Early morning, I hit the ground running and drink my cup of dark, rich liquid energy. I am learning new things and making friends in class, which is enjoyable and exciting. I will miss them when it is all over. Right now I miss having time to ponder and write; at least tonight I don’t have a meeting to go to or too many chores to do. I am up in my room listening to the History channel and typing by candle light.

Another seasonal change that I didn’t mention last week, there is a new television series. I watched part of  the first episode of HBO’s Rome and was impressed with the cast and quality production values. Unfortunately, the violence and sex are a bit much for me, so I won’t be watching it. Given the historical and cultural source, I should not be surprised at all. I have seen one other new TV show pilot and also the first two episodes of the new season of West Wing, an old favorite. The new show that I saw is Surface. It seems fun and intriguing; in fact I am staying up late tonight just so I can watch an episode that I missed that is being re-aired on the Sci-fi channel. Serendipity, the new Joss Whedon movie, was released last weekend. I saw the trailer early this summer and it looked great. I wanted to see it on Saturday, but was short of time and ambition. I watched Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence on DVD with my brother-in-law instead. The animation in that movie is incredible in detail and color. I have a hard time deciding whether I like the original or the sequel in this series. My brother-in-law likes the story in the second one, but finds the first one more watchable and enjoyable overall.

I am trying to stay healthy, since many people in class and in my family are fighting cold and flu bugs.

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