August 08, 2005

Back Home Again

I got home about 8:45 PM last night. It was a great weekend. I worked hard and had a lot of fun. Today I’ve been taking it a bit easy. There was an e-mail from an insurance company inviting me to an informational interview. I called and RSVP'd. I also took care of miscellaneous business- phone calls, gathering laundry, etc. A pretty routine day, not too hectic. I needed rest after the weekend. As usual at church retreats, we didn’t get a lot of sleep. My aunt is coming to spend the night. She couldn’t get on the flight tonight, so she will leave tomorrow. Instead of going back to stay near Grandpa, she’ll come here and stay with us. Her husband is a pilot, so she flies standby. It's always a gamble whether she'll get a seat. I’m glad, because now I’ll get to see her. More tomorrow, she’ll be here soon.

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