July 24, 2005

Sunday Drive

Today was a really beautiful summer day. We've been having a heat wave for the last week, except for Friday when it was very rainy. A heat wave for Washingtonians, that is. The highs have been in the 80's (Fahrenheit) and we all think we are melting. Dad proposed a leisurely afternoon drive, so we went toward Mt. Ranier through some of the little towns in the valley. We stopped in Wilkeson and had delicious ice cream at a cafe/ice cream shop in the town center.


Ed B. said...

I read where you have taught in Korea. I am considering taking an EFL class and teaching overseas. I have a college degree, with an English minor, but no teacher training or experience. What to you think of CELTA training? Would you recommend the Korea teaching experience to others? Is it possible to save money while teaching there? Any info you may give me would be helpful. Thanks!

Cheryl said...

I am not familiar with CELTA training, so I can't help you there. As long as you have a bachelor's degree (in any subject) you should be able to get a job in Korea. The language schools really want native-speakers who can teach conversation and listening. But research your school before you go because there are lots of bad ones that don't treat people fairly and aren't honest. Try looking in the forums at Daves ESL Cafe (http://www.daveseslcafe.com/). Ask the representative of any school you are considering if you can have the e-mail of a foreign teacher working there who can vouch for the school and give you information about the local life. I recommend the experience of teaching overseas. I had a great time. The culture shock will be substantial and you will have lots of challenges. I think CELTA or any other kind of training you can get before you go would be helpful. Most schools in Korea pay for your housing and the wages are fair, so you can save money or pay down debt. I made good progress on my student loans while I was there. I hope this helps.