July 19, 2005

At the Close of the Day

I’m happily tired. Satisfactorily busy. The Vacation Bible School is so much fun, even more than I expected. I actually didn’t know quite what to expect, since I’ve never participated in it, except when I attended as a child.

I had that appointment with the job counselor at Work Source this afternoon. She had some excellent advice about my resume and cover letter. I am going to make a functional style resume that focuses on my skills and what I have done at my jobs. She also told me that my cover letter was way too detailed and told me what to cut out of it. I'll be working on that.

Mom and I exercised today for the first time in 5 days. We are not going to quit!

It has been fun to spend some time hanging out with my brother-in-law. We watched Billy Elliot last night. I haven’t seen him in three years. I only met him for the first time 3 days before my sister’s wedding in April 2000. They met online and had a long-distance relationship. I was also in Massachusetts at the time, so I didn’t see my sister much during her engagement, either. But my family embraced him very quickly. He has a great, off-beat sense of humor that fits in well with all of us. He is also is head and shoulders above anyone else that my sister ever dated. He treats her well. He gives her pedicures, manicures, cooks, and encourages her. He helps her stay focused and motivated on her goals for her health and career. I am not sure exactly how much weight she has lost in the last year-and-a-half, but it is close to 100. She is gaining her health and her confidence. They also support each other spiritually, reminding each other to pray through all difficulties and to gain strength from reading and studying the Bible. I know it is hard for her waiting back in Oklahoma until he has a job here. I know that both of them will do what it takes to make sure that she comes here to Washington before too long. He estimates a couple of months.


Janice said...
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Janice said...

I have to agree with your assessment of Kevin. He is the perfect husband. It's been amazing having the stupendous relationship that we have had! He does spoil me rotten. He has never given me a manicure, though. I'm too picky (like you) are when it comes to that, but he has done everything else you have listed and more. lol

I love that we have never had a fight. Now, we’ve disagreed, but we talk it out. We are calm, respectful and honest about our feelings. The relationship is far from stale, and I’m so happy that God has blessed me with a husband like Kevin. He is my soul mate. Who could ask for anything more?

Thank you, Cheri-pie, for helping mom and dad take great care of Kevin while he’s staying there. He loves you all so very much. If Kevin couldn’t be here with me, I couldn’t think of a better place for him to be than there with my family. He’s in a positive, loving and nurturing environment, and I can tell he’s happy! I hear it in his voice! I am looking forward to making our family complete, again. I’ll be there soon enough. God will make sure I’m home when it’s the right time.

I love you!!!

Janice said...

P.S. The wedding was May 2000. lol

Cheryl said...

Yeah, we can't wait for you to get up here,either. We are praying for you, too. I know holding the fort down there and missing Kevin is difficult, but God is with you and will make you stronger through this experience.