April 09, 2005

I love Spring Break

It's Saturday and the school is on Spring break next week, so I will have a bit of a vacation. It's nice to be so relaxed. I love having free time. I'm definitely not a workaholic, though I do enjoy teaching. My students are so kind and they really want to learn. It's so exciting to help them prepare to meet goals and learn skills that will make their lives here much better. They also treat each other like family. It's a community. Let me give an example. We had class on Ash Wednesday. There were 9 students there and all of them except 2 left early to go to the Catholic church 1/2 a block away. The two students and I enjoyed infomal class for the last 20 minutes. The next evening one of the two faithful students told me about what happened after class. She and the other woman who stayed were walking to her car in the parking lot. It was dark and the parking lot was empty. They saw that there was a truck parked next to her car. As they drew closer, they saw that there was a man in the truck. The truck's door opened and the man stepped out. The two women were quite scared. The man approached them and suddenly they recognized him as one of their classmates. He had brought ashes from the church and carried them in his hand to mark their forheads with a cross. She laughed as she told me the story.

What plans do I have for the break? Enjoy my free time by watching movies, relaxing, reading, shopping.

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